Millions of children have to drop out of school and practice isolation in their own homes. This advice helps kids learn through play – a fun activity for all ages!

1. Forms of play

• There are many different forms of play that are both fun and educational

• Language, numbers, objects, plays, and music games give children the opportunity to explore and express themselves safely and happily

2. Sports games

• Create a dance for your child’s favorite songs. For example, the first person does a dance and everyone does it. People take turns to compose a new dance

• “Challenge” to see who can touch their toes – swing their arms, swing their toes, flip side most within one minute

• “Imitate” each other – by facial expressions, movements, sounds. One person can start first to have others imitate and then switch. Try playing without a leader!

• Freeze Dance: Play music or one person sing, and the others dance. When the music stopped, everyone had to freeze. The last person still jumping becomes the supervisor for the next round

• Animal dance: Same as above but when the music stops, name an animal and everyone must be that animal.

3. Tell stories

• Tell your child stories from your childhood

• Ask your child to retell a story as well

• Compose a story together starting with “Once upon a time …” then compose a new sentence each day.

• Replay a favorite story or movie – older children can even guide younger children while learning about responsibility.

4. Transform objects!

• Everyday household items like brooms, rags or scarves can become fun props for games

• Place an object in the center of the room and whenever someone has an idea, he or she jumps in and shows the rest of the room what the object might be.

• For example, a broom can become a horse or a microphone or even a guitar!

5. Memory games

• The first one says, when COVID-19 and the social gap end, I will go to … (eg parks).

• The second person will follow the first person, “When COVID-19 and the social gap are over, I will go to the park and … (example: visit my best friend)

• The next person will add to the previous person’s sentence, trying to come up with all the fun things to do when COVID-19 and the social gap are over.

6. Sing

• Sing songs to young children for language development

• Play or sing a song, and the first person to guess the song correctly becomes the next theme

• Compose a song about hand washing and social stretching. Add the dance!

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